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Danger Tree Assessing & Removal

Rest assured, Danger Tree Blasting is a fully qualified conventional tree service company. We have removed thousands of danger and unwanted trees for hundreds of happy customers all over Vancouver Island. We will address any trees of concerns and execute a plan to remove the concern. At DT Blasting we are fully insured and Certified Hand Fallers in the province of British Columbia, but we can also climb trees to provide topping & limbing services if you simply want to reduce the risk of the tree falling in the next windstorm. Our main focus is getting the job done safely and efficiently, with little to no impact to your property. For residential customers we offer our Danger Tree Assessing service free of charge, when you have the removal work done by us. We offer competitive  rates to our customers. Rest assured you can trust the professionals, this is what we do! We are a Safe Certified Company in BC, and are fully insured.

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